European Master of Science in Midwifery
Master européen en Sciences Sages-Femmes

Astrid Merkx (RM EuMSc) - Academie Verloskunde Maastricht - Zuyd University

 Astrid Merkx   I was trained as a midwife in the Netherlands. After my graduation, I worked as an independent primary care midwife in a community-based practice for 7.5 years. Here, I also wrote a book and worked on improving midwifery care for parents who’s baby died.

Since 1999, I joined the midwifery education programme and became a lecturer at Academie Verloskunde Maastricht – Zuyd University. I worked in all fields of education and wrote a second book for student midwives about communication skills. In my private time I learned how to work with (family) constellations, body work, permaculture, food-foresting and non-violent communication.

I graduated in 2011 as the first European Master of Science in midwifery. Since then, I work on my PhD, which I expect to receive this year in Maastricht. The topic of my research is gestational weight gain.

Currently my focus is mainly on (education in) research. My topics of interest are health promotion, empowerment and normality. I want to build bridges between scientific evidence and tacit knowledge, between nature and technic, between intuition and knowledge. I want to contribute to freedom and joy in the hearts of students, midwives, mothers and fathers.

I want to welcome you in this program and look forward to work with you.