European Master of Science in Midwifery
Master européen en Sciences Sages-Femmes

Marianne Nieuwenhuijze (RM MSc PhD) - Academie Verloskunde Maastricht – Zuyd University

 Marianne Nieuwenhuijze   I was trained as a midwife in the Netherlands. After my graduation, I worked as a practicing midwife, initially in the labour ward of a regional hospital and later as an independent primary care midwife in a community-based practice for 13 years. Here I sparked my interest for scientific research and the underpinning of midwives’ care and actions.

Since 1999, I joined the midwifery education programme and became a lecturer at Academie Verloskunde Maastricht – Zuyd University. Within a few years I became more involved in the management of the school and the development of the Bachelor Sc-programme in Midwifery.

An important area of attention continued to be the stimulation, development and integration of evidence-based midwifery and research in midwifery education. I was appointed Head of the Research Centre for Midwifery Science when it was established in 2007. In 2015 I became professor of Midwifery at Zuyd University.

I have done a Master of Public Health and received my PhD in 2014 from the Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL). The title of my thesis was “On speaking terms: choice and shared decision-making in maternity care”.

Currently my main focus is on research and the scientific development of midwifery education. My interests in research are women’s expectation, choice and decision-making in midwifery care, women’s mental health, and the public health possibilities of midwifery care.

I have been involved in the development of the European Master of Science in Midwifery from the beginning. I am very pleased to welcome you all at the programme and look forward to working with you for a new era in midwifery.