European Master of Science in Midwifery
Master européen en Sciences Sages-Femmes

Patricia Perrenoud (RM MSc PhD cand) - HES-SO Switzerland

 Patricia Perrenoud

I qualified as a midwife in 1991 in Geneva. I have worked in the Geneva University Hospitals for ten years during which I had the opportunity to practice in labour, antenatal and postpartum wards. I enjoyed working in Geneva University Hospital as it allowed me to be dedicated to a very diverse population. Equity and diversity friendliness in care have always been key issues in my practice.

My current post as a lecturer in the midwifery programme of the University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland started in 2002. Then, I graduated in 2003 from Geneva University where I obtained a Master degree in Sciences of Education.

I refined my pedagogic skills by training and certifying in Psychodrama and Action Methods (Role Play) in 2009. I’m currently preparing a PhD in anthropology in Lausanne.

As a professor, I’m especially dedicated to anthropology of health and birth, anthropology of knowledge making and skills, and diversity related questions. I did my PhD field research with community midwives in Geneva, in which I describe and question processes and contents involved in the knowledge making of midwives during the postnatal home visits.

I’ ve been a lecturer of the European Master of Midwifery since its beginning, an activity that I enjoy very much, as it allows me to meet talented and dedicated midwives from all over Europe.